Alexandra’s Outfit : Chapters Three and Four

Alexandra's Outfit : Chapters Three and Four
Find the chapter here and here (: 

UPDATE : GUYS! This outfit is for chapters three and four, not two and three. Sorry. =))


Alexandra’s Outfit : Chapter Two


Alexandra, Chapter Two


Alexandra’s Outfit : Chapter One

Alexandra's Outfit

1st Place In My School’s “Best Suggestion” Contest!

So, last month was nutrition month. My school’s very big on nutrition month. They make such a big deal out of it that I was practically shoved into entering a contest for my class. A contest I wasn’t even informed about until they called me for it.

Soyeah. First place, baby! Here’s the file I submitted. Tell me what you think. I know students would probably hate me for suggesting this, but hey, I won. Haters gon’ hate. Potatoes gon’ potate.

Concern : Children nowadays are very fond of eating lots of unhealthy food. If you try to conduct a survey in our canteen, you will see that most students prefer buying deep-fried food instead of rice, veggies and meat. And, in my opinion, it is severely unhealthy. If we do not do something about this, you could probably expect that, in the coming years, many of the students buying from our canteen will get sick.


“Wastong nutrisyon ang kailangan

Para sa magandang kinabukasan.”


Considering the fact that not every student in this school is physically active, we must teach others to eat a balanced meal. For example, we could reserve two days a week for healthy eating. In those two days, everything that is served in the canteen is healthy. The students who buy rice and “ulam” will have a serving of each food group on their plates. Say, I’d buy rice and chicken. The canteen staff will put at least two spoons of veggies on my plate, too. And for the people who buy their drinks in the canteen, they would only be served fruit juices and water. There will be no deep-fried food and fizzy drinks in those two days. The ice cream will be replaced with a serving of fruit salad for two days also, while the buying of candies will be limited to ten pieces per break time. The unhealthy junk food should be removed, though, because students tend to depend on it if they don’t like the food. And, if we do this every week, students will stop complaining and start eating healthy food, even though it’s only little by little. We should all keep in mind that great things come from small beginnings. So, when all of the students get used to it, the next school year, we could probably make it three days instead of two. We don’t really want them to get sick and die at an early age because of their unhealthy eating habits, right? I mean, there are students who have high ambitions— students who want to live a long, healthy and successful life. Who are we to hinder them from that?

There ya go. Questions, suggestions, violent reactions? (: Tell me.



Hey, hey. So, obviously, I have a blog now. Couldn’t stop myself. I mean, when you really love writing, you’d like to show it to the world, right? No? Well, I would. You see, ever since I found out that I could write these really long essays, I’ve wanted everyone to see them. Not a good reason? Hear me out first, will yah?

You see, I’m the kind of girl who rants about random things I see daily. I could
have an inner monologue about anything from dust to world problems. I could talk about how I have a fetish for paper. I could even talk about how I don’t get the letter X!

I could talk to myself about all of that. But when I do, it saddens me to think that no one else heard that awesome mental speech of mine. Which is why I’ve decided that I needed a blog. You know, somewhere I could rant on and on and on about meaningless things under the sun and have my writing skills judged by other people. It feels good, actually. To know that there are people reading this right now, I mean.

Oh, right! I almost forgot to say thanks. Why? Well, considering the fact that you’re reading this right now, it means that you care enough about what I have to say, and that means a lot to me. A whole lot.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! Don’t forget to comment on some of my works. Constructive criticism is very welcome here, if you were wondering. I’d like to receive some tips on how to improve my work.

So, yeah. Enjooooy!