Africa’s Plea – Poem Reflection

“Africa’s Plea”

By Roland Tombekai Dempster

I am not you –
but you will not
give me a chance
will not let me be me

‘If I were you’ –
but you know
I am not you,
yet you will not
let me be me.

You meddle, interfere
in my affairs
as if they were yours
and you were me.

You are unfair, unwise,
foolish to think
that I can be you,
talk, act
and think like you.

God made me me.
He made you you.
For God’s sake
Let me be me.

                                 So, our English teacher made us read this poem the other week. I must say, it struck me. I realized how much I’ve been letting people rule my life. I realized how sick and tired I am with people judging me. I could say that I can absolutely relate to this poem.

                                 Actually, we can all relate to this poem in a way — whether we are the people being judged, or the people who judge. The people who control lives, or who are being controlled. The people who meddle too much, or the people who have others meddling in their lives. It’s annoying. It’s annoying, and it’s not right.

                                 Personally, I don’t like the feeling of being compared to someone. Who does? Who likes that feeling they get when someone tells them to be like their ‘smarter, prettier and kinder’ cousin? Who likes it when people tell you how to act, dress, and think? No one. It makes us feel unsure about ourselves — something we shouldn’t be.

                                 No one in this world is exactly alike. Proof? Not even identical twins look exactly the same. There’s always that one thing that helps you tell them apart. It could be the sound of their voices, a mole on one of their foreheads, or even the way they smile. Do you see what I’m getting at? I just saying that if even super-duper-outrageously-extremely-identical identical twins have their differences, why should we let people ruin our self-confidence?

                                 Why are we letting them control us, use us and make us into a Xerox copy of them? Do you really wanna know why? It’s because we let them. And you know why we let them? Because we think that lowly of ourselves. Because we can’t trust ourselves when it comes to… you know, us. We often get stepped on by other people, making us think we aren’t good enough. That’s where we get the strong need to be perfect.

                                 But let me tell you, they only try to pull us down because we’re a threat to them. They’re insecure. They feel like you have something that they don’t. Even they shouldn’t feel that way in my opinion. We are our own person. We need to get that through our annoyingly thick skulls. And maybe, just maybe… the world would be a much nicer place to live in.


Simple is Beautiful, don’t you think?

Simple is Beautiful, don't you think?
Simple is beautiful, don’t you think? This is for another friend named Claire. ♥
Any comments? I’d love to hear them.

Alodia’s Outfit : Chapter One

Alodia's Outfit : Chapter One
Yeah, hi people! (: I have not published this story online yet, but I will. I really really will. For the mean time, enjoy the outfit! :>

Femininity with a touch of Claire

Femininity with a touch of Claire
For my awesome friend, Claire Tecson. :>

This Won 3rd Place in the Photo Essay Contest 2012!

Theme: Spirituality and Excellence in Math and Science: Working Together for Holistic Growth and Sustainable Development

Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in front of a huge mosaic in a museum. Now, I can’t possibly know what you’d say about it, because we all look at things differently  Some would immediately say “Oh, it’s so beautiful! I love it!”, while others would complain about it being too bright. Sometimes, we see people trying to find its pattern. We see them trying to find the hidden picture — the hidden image behind it. But, most of the time, we find people criticizing it and say, “I bet I could make something better than this”, or “It needs improvement.”

This is how people look at our world nowadays. Some like it just the way it is. Some complain about it not being enough. Some wonder and search for answers to why and how. But, right now, most of us think we can improve what God made. I’m not saying that it’s not good to test our limits. Just look around you. What do you see? Computers, cars, televisions, cellphones, iPads! Yes, these things make our lives easier.

But, I’ve noticed that the more “improvement” going on in our world, the more that our Spiritual beliefs begin to sway. I mean, what’s with the “Science and Religion don’t go together” thing? That’s not true.

We’re Paulinians. We believe that Science and Religion actually complete each other.


God made all of us, that’s what the Bible says.

Scientists, though, found the nerve to counter that by saying, “we came from apes, not God.”

Are they already so blinded by their ignorance that they cannot see what I, a fourteen year old student, can see? Can’t they see that what they are saying can actually support the words written in the Bible?

The Word isn’t supposed to be taken so literally, like what people these days are doing.

Yes, God did create us. But how? That, my friends, is where science comes in. See? They are in this together.

Without Science, we’d never know how God made the world work. Without God, we’d always have a question in our minds : “why?

You see what I’m getting at, here? These two are not rivals. If one of the two goes missing, deep inside, we’d feel like Romeo without his Juliet. Like rock and roll without drums. Like an Oreo cookie without its cream filling. We’d feel empty. We’d feel incomplete.

This is why I’m proud to call myself a Paulinian. Our teachers don’t tell us that the world would be less complicated without scientists who question everything. They tell us what I am telling you now. They tell us that, with these two combined, we’d be the happiest people alive. They help us deepen our faith in God and, at the same time, help us find ways on how to change our world for the better.

“One step at a time, darling. That’s right. Slowly but surely,” my dad used to tell me. I was young, so I never really read in between those lines. But now I know. I know that he was not only teaching me how to walk. He was also telling me how I can change the world. How we can change the world.

Yes, we’re just kids. We’re still studying. But, boy, studying is one more step for us. With Science, we’d know what makes the world go round. And, with Religion, we’d know the answer to the why that’s always in our minds.

Slowly but surely. What’s with the need to rush? You don’t have to worry about people not wanting to join you. With God by our side, we can inspire them to make the years they have left, worth it.

You don’t have to be white. You don’t have to be rich. You don’t need to be an adult. You don’t even have to wear clothes! Knowledge and faith in God — it is all that we need.

We have one lifetime to change our ways. We have one lifetime to change our outlooks on life. We have one lifetime to open our eyes and really see the world.  We have one lifetime to make a difference.

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, let’s not regret our choices in the end.

We live life to be able to say, “It was worth it” when we let out our last breath. Wouldn’t you choose that over the words, “I should have…”? I’m sure I would.

Remember, it’s never too late.

Maroon 5 Medley

Are you a Maroon 5 fan? How ’bout a Victoria Justice fan? A Max Schneider fan?
Well, if you said yes to at least one of my questions, then you’d surely love the Maroon 5 Medley. 

With Moves Like Jagger, Make Me Wonder, Payphone, Sunday Morning,  She Will Be Loved, Misery, and This Love, this song is awesome! If you like mash-ups, that is.

Sooo, what are you doing there, wasting your time with my ranting?! Check out this awesome video :

Lyrics :

Just shoot for the stars if it feels right
Then aim for my heart if you feel like it
Take me away make it okay
Yeah, you really make me wonder about you
Well baby, it’s hard when it feels like
You’re broken and scarred, nothing feels right
But when you’re with me, I’ll make you believe
Girl, you really make me wonder ’bout you
I wasted my nights,
you turned out the lights
Now I’m paralyzed

Still stuck in that time when we called it love
But even the sun sets in paradise
I don’t mind spending everyday
(Sunday morning, rain is falling)
Out on your corner in the pourin’ rain
(Steal some covers, share some skin)
Look for the girl with the broken smile
(Sunday morning, rain is falling)Ask her if she wants to stay awhile

And she will be loved
She will be loved
She will be loved

And I won’t go home without you

I know its hard to remember, the people we used to be
(But i am in misery)
You say its to late to make it, but is to late to try
(Why won’t you answer me)
Well baby, you are all I need, in darkness you are all I see
Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And it goes like

This love has taken its toll on me
She said goodbye too many times before

Now take me by the tongue and I’ll show you
All them moves like Jagger
I got them moves like Jagger

My heart is breaking in front of me
And I have no choice
Yeah, i won’t say goodbye anymore

Just look into my eyes and I’ll own you
With them moves like Jagger
I’ve got them moves like Jagger

Now I’m at a payphone
(I don’t mind spending everyday)
All of my change I spent on you
(Out on your corner in the pourin’ rain)
Where have the times gone
(Look for the girl with the broken smile)
Where are the plans we made for two
(Ask her if she wants to stay awhile)

And she will be loved
she will be loved
she will be loved
she will be loved
she will be loved
she will be loved

Embracing Differences

God made each and every one of us unique, in our own special way. He gave us different attitudes, appearances and personalities. No one in our world is the same. Not even twins, triplets, quadruplets, and so on. We all have that one trait that makes us different from others, one that we consider a flaw. But that doesn’t mean that you have to isolate yourself from society. Our differences are what make us who we are. They are like our very own barcode.

Let’s look at this in a different way. We are all good at different things, which is why people have different careers. But, for example, all of us are only good in fishing, so we all become fishermen. What would happen to the doctors, nurses, firemen, and the like? Who would we go to when we get sick? Or when something is on fire? This is why we are born different from each other. So we could do different things, meet people who are opposite from us, and help each other realize the meaning of life. I am quite disappointed in today’s generation, though. Because I have noticed that, in schools, students usually group themselves according to their similarities. They seem to outcast people who are somewhat different from them. According to a book I have read, an outcast is a person who doesn’t ‘fit in’ because they are more unique and gifted than others.  And the others don’t appreciate that, even though an outcast is the nicest person you can ever imagine. You see? Why should we hate people who are different? There is something unique and nice in each and every one of us.  We are, after all, made in the image and likeness of God.   Every person in this world should be given the chance to be accepted and appreciated.  Yes — we all have our own faults and imperfections but, hey, who’s counting?  Nobody’s perfect, right?

And in order to be able to love one another, we must be ready to accept all of their differences. Problems in the world would be easier to handle if we are united. By that, I mean, we should all accept each other’s uniqueness. If we are able to do that, our world would be a much better place to live in. No one would ever feel left out.  And with that, the most elusive “world peace” will be ours for the taking.